A little more about me


My name is Alex Navasardyan.

If you are wondering about my surname: it is Armenian. "Navasard" meant "January" in an old Armenian pagan calendar. I wrote about Armenian surnames.


For the past 11 years, I have been writing software, managing and leading teams, and speaking at conferences.

I have worked at LinkedIn, Ticketfly (now EventBrite), and DockYard. I am currently on the engineering team at Addepar.

I have done quite a bit of open source, most notably contributing to Ember.js and its ecosystem. I am also Ember CLI core team alumni. I even wrote a book about it.


I am a snooker and F1 fan. It is on my list to see the Monaco GP in person and to watch the World Snooker Championship.


I am "twokul" on Twitter, GitHub , Instagram, Mastodon, and ENS.

Email me at hello@alex.gmbh.

Please, reach out and say hi! You can also subscribe to my newsletter and website.

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Alex Navasardyan
Engineering @Addepar. @LinkedIn, @DockYard alum. Ember CLI Core team emeritus. Writer of artisanal software and bugs.